How to

3 ways Process Bliss...empowers people

1) Process Bliss gives people the information they need to do their jobs.

Within each step you can include links to external information or task-specific systems (e.g. Salesforce, Xero), document templates, further descriptions, and other useful information.

2) Process Bliss empowers your team to complete the process in the way they feel is best.

Users have the ability to bypass a step in the process, while providing valuable feedback on why they can’t/won’t do something. At a later stage, you can review all feedback provided and update the process as necessary.

3) Process Bliss reassures you that things are done, without you needing to constantly monitor.

Now you don’t need to constantly check up that things are being done. Process Bliss can just notify you when tasks are approaching their due date, or when they become overdue.

Empower every person, every day to achieve more and do it better.