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3 ways Process Bliss…supports continuous process improvement

by | 15 May, 2018 | Process

1) Process Bliss allows anyone to create a task

Through Process Bliss, there’s no need to map out your tasks ahead of time. Just log in and get to work. Later, you can convert these tasks into templates, saving you time and effort.

2) Process Bliss empowers your team, giving them the autonomy to complete the job in the way they feel is best

Users have the ability to bypass a step within the task, while providing valuable feedback on why they can’t/won’t do something.

Anyone can also provide feedback on any step within a task. At a later stage, you can review all feedback provided and update the task as necessary.

3) Process Bliss ensures no process is ever set in stone

Your business is always moving in order to keep up with the competitive landscape, which means your processes are constantly evolving to support your operations. Process Bliss flexes to your way of working; when you need to start a new process, simply select the template you used last time, and edit it first to reflect any updates. Then publish your changes and you’re ready to go.


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