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5 steps to make your workplace fun

by | 15 May, 2018 | People

It’s a phrase you hear all the time, “You’re supposed to have fun at work”, but why? Is it because you think it’s a great thing to say to motivate your staff? Is it because your employees spend 8 hours every day sat at their desk instead of pursuing their favourite leisure activity? Or is it because you believe ‘it will make the boat go faster’?

Research shows that companies with happy workers have:

  • 43% more productivity
  • 33% profitability
  • 10x less sick leave

So perhaps there is a business case for bakery goodies, ball pools, beanbags and ‘bring your dog to work’ days!

Make work fun in a way that really matters

Having fun at work is about more than throwing sweets across the office, dress-down Friday and the Christmas party. Sure, these initiatives may put a smile on their faces, but if your employees were offered a job elsewhere, would it stop their heads from being turned?

If you want to create an environment that’s fun for your employees, and therefore more profitable for you, it needs to be meaningful to all involved.

1) Clarity

A common issue plaguing employees is a lack of overall direction. That’s not to say your organisation doesn’t have a goal, objectives and a strategy, but are you communicating them effectively? When your employees are working towards a clear, common goal, they’re stronger and more effective because they can see how they fit in your organisation, and see their work making a difference.

2) Empowerment

When you hired your team, presumably you did so because they possessed a specific set of skills, and because they were good at their job. So why would you then want to control them and tell them what to do? A more effective way of working, that your team will value is to challenge them to find better, more productive ways of working based on their experiences. When you empower your employees by creating an entrepreneurial environment, you take your business to the next level.

3) Communication and Collaboration

When you share your ideas and update your team on what’s going on, information flows freely and everyone feels equally invested in the company’s overall goals. By ensuring all ideas are heard and considered, everyone in the team feels valued, and ultimately more satisfied with their work. So find a way of working that includes your employees in decisions and discussions whenever possible, and try to be transparent about the reasoning behind your decisions.

4) Recognition

It’s well known that incentives, rewards, and recognition increase employee satisfaction. However, one of our basic human needs is to experience recognition and acknowledgement. When we were younger, our parents would clap and make a big fuss of us every time we did something – smiling for the first time, stacking bricks to make a tower, stopping to look before we crossed the road. We may have grown up, but that innate desire to feel special still exists, so make sure you recognise your employee’s contribution in a timely fashion.

5) Keep a finger on the pulse of your organisation

Running a business is tough. You’re pulled in all different directions, wearing a hundred different hats a day, expected to be an expert in everything. Therefore, it’s inevitable that things will get dropped. However, one thing you can’t afford to overlook is your employee morale; the moment one person feels low, the rest of the team starts to fall like dominoes. Make it a habit to evaluate morale in your workplace, and you’ll know the second the mood changes, enabling you to get on top of the situation before it blows out of control.

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