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6 reasons to choose Process Bliss for your team management software

by | 14 Aug, 2018 | Product

Team management software is an essential component for driving your business strategy. Without it, everyone is going to be pulling in different directions, trying to achieve their own goals and driving towards their own agendas.

But while there are numerous bits of team management software available on the market today, we could never find something that was quite right. It’s the reason why Process Bliss exists; it was born out of sheer frustration by a lack of appropriate tools on the market.

Process should be simple because it’s the enabler to making things happen. And managing process should be effortless, empowering the user to perform tasks in the way they feel is best. These are our 6 reasons for why we believe you need Process Bliss as your team management software:

1) It’s simple

If your whole team is going to get up and running quickly then you need something that’s really simple to get started. When you log on to Process Bliss, you just start writing down your tasks. They don’t have to be in the right order and it doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list. Getting your processes down on paper shouldn’t be a laborious task that requires you to map everything out on paper and spreadsheets first. Just log on and get on.

2) It facilitates collaboration

Process Bliss shows its true value when you start using it for team collaboration, sharing tasks and delegating actions to your team or assigning issues to colleagues in other departments. We want you to see the true benefits Process Bliss has to offer, which is why we offer a free 14-day free trial.

3) It shows the ‘way’ you do business

It’s amazing how many businesses don’t actually write their processes down. Once you have used Process Bliss to collaborate on a process, you can save your process as a template to reuse again and again. You can start to drive consistency in everything you do, by better communicating the way you operate to your team and the wider business.

4) It doesn’t control the user

If you force people to do something, all you’re going to do is upset them, which lowers employee morale, and then they’ll either do a bad job, or not do anything and tick the box anyway. Process Bliss recognises that ultimately, people are smarter than process, so rather than control them, it empowers them to say, “no, I can’t/won’t complete this step.” But what’s more important is that Process Bliss then captures the reasons why they can’t/won’t do something and feeds it back to you. Now you have the information needed to continuously improve your business.

5) It reassures you

Have you ever found that the way you thought things were being done, is not actually the case? Do you find actions are constantly forgotten? Or that small steps in your process are constantly missed? Process Bliss is built to reassure you that your business is being run effectively, and that any new people entering the business are brought up-to-speed quickly.

6) It enables you to continuously improve

Improving your business isn’t your sole responsibility. Sure, you are the ‘visionary’ in your organisation, and you’ve probably got some great ideas, but why not pull on the collective brainpower of your entire team? After all, you hired clever people, so it stands to reason that they have great ideas too. Process Bliss enables you to gather this information at the exact moment your team is thinking about it in the process. You can then log on to see all the feedback in one place, and update your processes appropriately.

Ready to adopt Process Bliss as your team management software?

If you’re like the three-quarters of senior managers from our study that recognise their methods for managing process aren’t as effective as they could be, perhaps it’s time to change the way you do things? Why not book an online demo and let us show you why Process Bliss is your perfect team management software.


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