Ensure your processes are performed the same way by everyone, every time

Now that’s bliss!

Ensure your processes are performed the same way by everyone, every time

Now that’s Bliss!

Process Bliss is software for process enablement

Our platform sits in between task management and process management, in a place we like to call ‘process enablement’. Here’s why…

Process Bliss empowers the people performing the process


“But that’s not how we really do things?”

43% of employees say their company has lost customers because of failed processes. Empower your staff to take ownership of process. Everyone can collaborate on how the process is performed and make improvements where they see it’s not working.

Process Bliss helps your business continually improve


“We have a process for that, somewhere?!”

76% of SME leaders admit they don’t manage process effectively. Do your processes never see the light of day? Embed process within your organisation so that it’s available to everyone. The more it’s performed, the more it’s improved.

Process Bliss reassures you that things are working the way they are supposed to


“I thought we agreed to change that months ago?”

32% of people say they don’t feel trusted in the workplace. When things are overlooked, you start spot checking and chasing colleagues for updates. Remove this stress. Everyone knows what needs to be done and by when, and they can tick things off as they go.

63% of employees aren’t clear about all of their company’s processes…

Don’t be one of them. Give your staff the tools to improve your organisation today.


Once upon a time…organisations had a love/hate relationship with process.


They put processes in place to control critical business functions such as HR, marketing and sales.


But every day…more processes were added until millions of unseen operations, which account for an organisation’s success, existed. 


Over time, these processes were squirrelled away in files. They degraded, became forgotten or were simply ignored. 


One day…we created Process Bliss, an affordable, easy to use software-as-a-service designed to help companies embed process within their organisation. 

It makes sure processes are run the same way by everyone, every time. It gives people what they need to perform tasks the best way they can. 


Because of that…visibility and accountability on process performance improved. Employee morale was boosted because people were trusted to do a good job and customers received a better service. 


Because of that… business efficiency was drastically improved, which increased the bottom line. 


Until finally… businesses existed in a world where process just happens, brilliantly. 


“Process Bliss is very easy and intuitive to use. Once you’ve created your process you can see, in a single view, where the process is being run and how far it has been completed. Great for checking where there are bottlenecks and potential improvements.”

Holly Hamilton


Sound good?