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A technology enabled business

by | 13 Sep, 2018 | Product

As you step out of your door and need to find a taxi, your instinct is now to reach for your phone to tap in to a network of taxis near you. As with every part of your life, technology is now, more than ever, at the core of how things are done.

With an increase in complexity and uncertainty all areas of business are starting to harness the power of technology and automation. Whether it be automating expense responses, or recruitment processes, there is a tool to support you. Even more than that, employees are starting to expect work to be as seamless as everything in their personal life.

To make this work in reality, you need to adapt to how you deliver innovation across your business. PA Consulting reports that 37% of organisations say their approach to innovation has not changed at all in the last three years, or is now only changing minimally.

With all of this change, you have the opportunity to look at how you are operating now, and improve your business.

As every new technology or process is implemented it is essential to track how you are working. This provides an opportunity for your business to look at the steps and processes that are being affected, define new ways of working, and measure the impact. As you take the plunge with new business tools, it is crucial to address every process operating in your business and streamline it.

To capture the full advantage of the rise in technology and automation, your business needs to start describing and measuring the processes you use; build accountability for delivery; and then apply technology to enhance your business.


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