Our background

Process Bliss was founded by Alister Esam in 2018 after learning the hard way at his previous company eShare that trying to control people with process doesn’t work. Read what Alister has to say about process:

“The “Art of Action” by Stephen Bungay says that a big problem with business strategy is that historically it aimed to engineer; the management would come down and tell the workforce exactly what to do. But this stifles creativity and kills innovation, which ultimately affects staff morale, efficiency, productivity…

It doesn’t work because business isn’t predictable. You can’t define precisely how a business needs to operate, so you need people to adapt to change in the right way. But if you stifle creativity and kill innovation, when things start going wrong, nothing happens to rectify the situation. 

If you want people to get on with their job, and make good decisions for your business, you need to guide them rather than control them, and EMPOWER them to improve. Ultimately, people are much smarter than process. Therefore, you need a business framework that people can evolve and improve upon.

That’s the foundation of Process Bliss.”

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Our industry values us…

Process Bliss greeted with two Business Process Management Software Industry Titles by reputed platform for SaaS reviews.


Our customers love us…

Process Bliss gives me control back of my business by knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time. We need to standardise our own processes, especially as we recruit new staff. Process Bliss is the best tool for that.

Rebecca Woolmington

Managing Director, HRCentral

Process Bliss has made a real difference to our business by enabling us to work smarter and to allocate more time to strategy and planning. Once the processes have been set up, you can easily allocate tasks and due dates to team members to help them know exactly what to do and when. 

Melissa Hughes

Marketing Manager, Haslams Estate Agents

With Process Bliss, I think I can get to a place where I have a light touch in the overall running of the business, and I am released to do sales all day long. Being free to concentrate on the bits I really like doing, and the things I’m best at, will ultimately give a better result for the company.

Rory Waters

Managing Director, Urban Planters