If your repeatable processes were performed the same way by everyone, every time, wouldn’t that be bliss?

Everyday we complete hundreds of processes, which make us feel reassured that everything is working properly, so we’re safe to get on with what we really enjoy. But, when the simple, important steps are overlooked, you start spot checking trivial things. Now your staff feel demotivated and powerless in their role. We all hate feeling controlled. Process should make everyone feel reassured and empowered.

Process Bliss takes you to the ideal world.

Ultimately, people are smarter than process, which is why Process Bliss not only manages your recurring processes, it shows you where process is failing your people, and empowers them to complete it in the best way they know how.


Process Bliss enables process in your business.

Forget complex business process management (BPM) software. Forget awkward task management systems. Forget basic todo list software. If you want reassurance that your processes are run consistently, if you want to empower your team to focus on what matters, and if you want your business to continually improve, you just need Process Bliss.


Process Bliss is free.

Process Bliss has been developed in conjunction with end users so it mirrors the way process works in the real world. It’s really simple because we’ve only included functionality that helps you to better enable process in your organisation. And we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is:


Process Bliss is free with full functionality, for up to five users, forever.


So what have you got to lose?