About Process Bliss

Process Bliss was founded by Alister Esam after learning the hard way that trying to control people with process doesn’t work.

We are based in the UK with a global client base.

Our mission is to help you gain maximum value from our service, whatever stage your business is at.

How is Process Bliss different?

Process Bliss can systemise everything you do, so that ultimately the business can run without you.


It unlocks the frustration between employees and their managers, and empowers your teams to take ownership.


In our experience and that of our clients, everyone is happier, more motivated and more successful. The business no longer needs to rely on any individual, and it runs like clockwork.

Make best practice repeatable

Centralise & share your process, procedures & policies detailing everything teams need to know

Ensure everything
gets done

Execute as Task workflow checklists with dependent dates and clear owners for each step

Gain clear
progress visibility

View in one dashboard all Task progress, what is overdue and what is on track

Raise & resolve

Communicate, @mention & resolve issues as a team, keeping a record of everything discussed

Save time with integration

Integrate & automate with over 2,000 applications including your CRM, email & finance software

Reduce cost of compliance

Manage audits, track process success and record ‘why not done’, with audit trails and timestamps throughout

See everything run like clockwork.

“In 2013, I was running my previous business and I was constantly frustrated.

I had a demotivated team of 12, I was working 80 hours a week and we couldn’t scale the business.

However, fast forward five years… we had grown to service 20,000 customers in over 40 countries.

The tool I used to do this became Process Bliss.”

Alister Esam

CEO, Process Bliss

How do you score on The Dirty Word Assessment?

Developing business process as a positive foundation for growth, without killing creativity, can be assessed across the following four traits;

  • Consistency
  • Empower
  • Improve
  • Trust

​To find out how your own business scores in these areas, and learn more about how you can improve, take the online Dirty Word Assessment and receive a free personalised report that you can review with your team.

Dirty Word Assessment on alisteresam.com

The Dirty Word can unlock business freedom

People associate process with control, monotony, routine, the status quo and with an overall death of creativity. It’s a Dirty Word they try to avoid.

Alister discovered that if implemented correctly process provided empowerment, autonomy and creativity for employees and delivered business freedom for himself with total reassurance his business was running itself.

It also enabled him to massively accelerate improvement in his business by harnessing his team’s collective brainpower.

Alister’s book looks at why process is so important, why people get it so wrong and make it so horrible, and how to put it in place in a new way which can change the whole culture of a business.

Find out more on alisteresam.com