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Branding is more important than you think

by | 6 Sep, 2018 | Process

Your brand can become your most valuable asset. It gives you a unique position in the market and helps you attract the right type of customer. More importantly, it inspires trust and keeps your customers coming back. Whilst you may be up against companies with bigger budgets and loyal customers, a strong brand building process will set you apart from everyone else.

According to a survey by Research Now, when people trust a brand, 82% will use its products and services frequently and 82% will look to it first for the products and services they want.

In today’s fast-changing business world, we are often too quick to win a sale and too slow to build a relationship with customers. By gaining customers’ trust in your brand and consistently meeting their needs, you can increase the number of people that are willing to pay for your products and services and develop a loyal customer base.

Nokia used to be a market leader in the mobile phones industry but it now has just a 3% share of the global smartphone market. Nokia had a great research and innovation team but it lost sight of its brand strategy and didn’t focus on what customers wanted. By not delivering the kind of mobile phone design or experience its customers wanted, it lost brand equity to its rivals Apple and Samsung.

What does the word ‘brand’ mean to you?

For most people, when you hear the word brand, you immediately think of a company name and logo design. While these visual elements make up a brand, it is so much more. Branding permeates every interaction that a customer has with your company – from how you answer the phone, what your office looks like; and the customers’ experience of buying your product/service. The emotional response a person develops towards a brand, whether positive or negative, will influence their buying decisions. It’s why you’ll pay more to stay in a luxury hotel, or buy a specific make of car.

Branding is about giving your customer a consistent experience every time they purchase from you.

Secrets to a successful branding

Getting branding right is all about consistency and communication – understanding how you want to position yourself and communicating it in everything you do. A successful brand has to be consistent in experience across all channels:

  • The content you present on your company website and blog
  • Your brand personality on social media
  • The way your sales and customer service teams communicate with customers
  • Your office culture and how you communicate that to staff
  • Your online and print advertising messages

However, creating a strong brand is an ongoing process that needs continuous monitoring and improvement to stay relevant. This can pose a challenge for companies without the funding to hire a specialist agency to constantly manage their brand. Added to that, marketing is now a complex process involving multiple stakeholders – agencies, suppliers, and different media. This means your team will need defined processes that empower everyone to meet customer requirements and present your brand in the right way.

Without a solid process, a marketing team will not be able to efficiently adhere to corporate branding requirements and it won’t be long before marketing collateral is a jigsaw of mismatched logos and inconsistent messages.

Your company can overcome such challenges with Process Bliss, simple process management software that everyone understands. With Process Bliss, you can:

  • Empower your team to shape and define your company brand. Create and share the most up to date version of your assets so that your brand image is applied consistently across your business.
  • Document all your processes in one place giving your brand team full visibility. Give everyone a common understanding of the way things are done, and help new starters get up-to-speed quickly.
  • Be reassured that things are done, without you needing to constantly monitor. Schedule tasks and assign steps.
  • Continuously improve your branding process. Process Bliss does not constrict the user but rather, it gives users the autonomy to feedback on and improve the branding process.


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