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How Process Bliss can assist with Six Sigma

Six Sigma. A methodology for eliminating defects from a business. A tool to enable continuous improvement. The ultimate measure of quality. That’s because unlike other quality-improvement initiatives, Six Sigma focuses on:Achieving quantifiable financial...

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Taming the beast through quality assurance

As an operations manager, your role is broad, and yet it is pivotal to the success of your organisation. As a business grows, the CEO can feel like they’re constantly fire-fighting and trying tirelessly to keep up. Then they start to feel like they’re losing control,...

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The best employee onboarding process

Your employee onboarding process sets the tone for your relationship. It makes sure your employee knows who you are, where you’re going, what matters, sets expectations, plus all the logistics, like performing background checks and ordering equipment.With Process...

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Process as a competitive advantage

Competitive advantage. It is the ‘holy grail’ of marketing. The one asset we strive to obtain. With a competitive advantage we know we can outperform the rest of the market every time and ultimately win the customer’s share of mind. Traditionally, we talk about having...

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Getting things done

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a time management methodology created by productivity consultant David Allen. Based on the principle of writing things down and breaking them into small, actionable steps, it allows you to focus on completing actions, rather than trying to...

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