Getting things done isn’t easy

You’ve had a good management meeting, you’re feeling energised and fired up about the challenges ahead. However, soon after sharing what needs to happen with your team, the good feeling dissipates. 

You start delegating tasks…but the response you get is less than enthusiastic: “But how are we going to find time to do that? I’m so busy. I’m in back-to-back meetings today, tomorrow I need to run the reports and analyse the data so I can let you know what is/isn’t working, then Scott’s asked me to help him with a client…”

And so it goes on.

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We’re all ‘too busy’

Presenteeism is a term coined to describe employees that are physically at work but not being productive. In the ‘Your Life at Work Survey’ it suggests that many employees are putting in less than 50% effort on a daily basis.

When you look at it, people aren’t actually busy, it’s just the quickest, easiest response to give to a request. So why do they say it? 

Because they’re not invested in your business. And that doesn’t mean financially invested; perhaps they don’t believe the overall vision, or they don’t agree with the company’s motivations for existing, maybe they want to get more personal development out of their role, or to feel like they made a difference today.

Employees are motivated by being involved. It really is that simple. In reality there’s very little we do by ourselves. We always need the help, support or guidance from our team, colleagues and peers.

So involve them. Stop thinking about MY processes and think about OUR processes.

Help your team to get things done

It really can be that simple.

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