How can a task manager online benefit you day-to-day?

by | 13 Sep, 2018 | Product

An online task manager gives you time

Organising yourself through an online task management system is essential if you are to respond to the everyday needs of your business, while remaining focussed on the end goal. Using a platform to list all your activities, you can clearly see what is:

  • Urgent: priority tasks that must be completed today because they have a hard deadline.
  • Important: tasks that are crucial to ensure the business hits its overall objectives.
  • Problems: tasks that may need wider discussion or require you to fix a process that’s not working as efficiently as it could be.
  • Unnecessary: tasks that could be assigned to someone else – do you really need to review that case study? Or could you delegate it? Or suggest it’s sent for peer review?

Recording all your tasks on one centralised platform gives you visibility of the entire business, and how you contribute to the bigger picture. Now you have some order to your day you can plan to give adequate time to each task and complete it to the best of your ability, rather than feeling you’re constantly fighting fires.

Use Process Bliss as your online task manager

Uploading your to do list to an online task manager shouldn’t be an onerous job; you should be able to just get on and do it. Getting started with Process Bliss is easy, but don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our customers think on the Capterra review website.


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