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How digital marketing agencies can use Process Bliss to give them more time

by | 12 Mar, 2019 | Media, Product

In the world of marketing we love a bit of pain. Knowing and understanding those important customer pains enables us to craft beautiful campaigns that speak directly to those challenges, engaging the reader and compelling them to take action.

Given this fascination with pain, it’s perhaps unsurprising in Hubspot’s latest Marketing Agency Growth Report, that the first question asked was:

“What Are Your Agency’s Biggest Pain Points?”

Besides the obvious ‘finding new clients’, the answer straight in at the number two slot was…

“Not enough free time to focus on administrative tasks, such as staffing plans, onboarding, and new business investments,” which was cited by 43% of agencies.

Now, some agencies just accept they will never have enough time…

Others hire more staff, hoping they can delegate some of the workload to free up that much needed time…

But the smartest agencies sign up to Process Bliss.

Process Bliss offers pain relief in 3 ways…..

1) Share the knowledge

Documenting the way process is run in your organisation, Process Bliss becomes the blueprint for your agency; it means that your agency would continue to run like clockwork in your absence – so take as much time as you need.

All the documents and information needed to complete each step resides within your process templates.

Process Bliss makes your processes part of business-as-usual, there to actually help people do their job. So you won’t need to find time to perform admin, you’ll find your team is using Process Bliss on a daily basis to do it all because it’s a genuinely helpful tool.

All the documents and information needed to complete each step resides within your process templates.

2) Share the responsibility

There’s no need to panic when the holidays hit, demanding your team send a novel-length email containing the exact details of where every activity is. Everything is already there in Process Bliss. All they need to do is re-assign the tasks/process to the colleague who’s holding the reins in their absence.

Users are automatically notified when tasks/processes are assigned to them, and they show up in their task list.

3) Schedule the workload

Whether it’s the elements that make up each campaign, monthly client reports, scouting for prospects, weekly admin…these recurring tasks shouldn’t cause you a headache. By scheduling them, Process Bliss automatically notifies you when it’s time to run your process – even if that process is something like your VAT return, which only happens once a year.

Let Process Bliss remind you when certain processes need to be run through its scheduling feature.


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