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How Membership Organisations can harness technology to their advantage

by | 22 Nov, 2019 | Process

Often, membership organisations vary from one another in their:

  • Size of membership
  • Practices
  • Approaches
  • Profitability
  • External associations
  • Fundamental purpose(s).

But what every membership organisation does have in common is their central aim to unite people around a particular interest, profession, industry, or mission.

Day in and day out, membership organisations collaborate the talents, abilities, and expertise of their members around their objective in order to achieve success.

At their very core they work to connect people together.

And at one point in time, membership organisations used to be the providers of what people were looking for – knowledge. As the main ‘hub’ for their members, membership organisations were the source of information about laws, rules, regulations, events and relevant updates.

But times have since changed, and with increased accessibility to the internet,  members can now find all the information they require at their fingertips – 24 hours a day.

The challenge facing membership organisations

The internet has thrown up a sizable challenge for membership organisations, and technology has provoked somewhat of an ‘identity crisis’ for those who run them. While it may seem that the day to day work of membership organisations is being threatened by technology, it’s important to remember that the organisations themselves still possess the content that their members genuinely value.

The way members access information about their organisations may have changed, but membership organisations are far from obsolete. At present, the challenge for membership organisations isn’t so much about providing content that is tailored to their members – because that’s what they continue to do best. Rather, the challenge is more about the effectiveness of how that content is being distributed to their members.

Having an online or social media presence has become the norm for most businesses and organisations, and as a result, they’ve had little choice but to adapt to become much more transparent for the consumer. The relevance of this to membership organisations is that they now have to provide more

Today, organisations have far greater competition for their audience’s attention – what with there being so much other noise out there. And on top of the shorter attention spans, consumers (and members alike) have increasingly come to expect instantly compelling value propositions along with freely available education on any subject from commercial organisations.

With people now facing so much choice, membership organisations have to be strategic in the position they put themselves in when trying to deliver on their members’ wants and desires. Undoubtedly, there has been a massive shift from the way things once were. But like so many other aspects of 21st century life, it’s imperative for membership organisations to adapt – or they run the risk of being left behind.

In the ever-growing online world, content has to be delivered in better and smarter ways. It has never been more important for content to be as accessible and as uncomplicated for users as possible. And it has to be presented in a way that engages the target audience, while also balancing an unambiguous message and clear, specific calls to action.

With there being so much to consider, the situation for membership organisations is no longer just about having the information on hand for members, it’s now about the format, the platform, and the way the information is being presented to the user.


…as much as technology has had a huge impact on the way membership organisations operate, the two don’t have to be at odds with one another.

So, what’s the solution?

Membership organisations already possess the content that their members genuinely value. That much is certain.

And while that’s half the battle, in the current online climate it’s how effectively content is delivered that will really drive results.

But the solution shouldn’t be for membership organisations to build and provide their own technology solutions to keep up with the modern world.

Instead, membership organisations can partner up with private sector companies who specialise in providing their already tried and tested technology platforms.

It’s important to stress that there is no one size fits all solution here, so it’s crucial that organisations invest in technology that can adapt to their specific needs.

The solution provided should allow membership organisations to fully steer the technology in the way that ultimately benefits them and their members.

As just one example, take the Process Bliss software.

Process Bliss

Being a generic process platform, Process Bliss allows any organisation to load tailored and personalised process templates to assist with the management of all of their processes. 

At any point the organisation provides an update, (for example) on their best-practices or regulations, the members are also automatically updated too. This is guaranteed to save time, energy and resources when it comes to getting admin completed.

The Process Bliss software ensures the control is kept firmly in the hands of the organisation – not with the technology.

And not only is the Process Bliss software really simple and user-friendly, but it also ensures that everyone (from employees to members) are all on the same page when it comes to the distribution of knowledge, skills, information, and support. No confusion necessary.

The bottom line here is that membership organisations already have the content their audience wants, and the organisations’ technology partners already have the solutions available to effectively distribute that content in the modern age.

Combine the two together and you’ll achieve success for your organisation, and more importantly, you’ll provide a valuable, unmatched service for your members.

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