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How to systemise your business

by | 5 Mar, 2019 | Process

Here at Process Bliss we like to look at process and business systemisation a little differently. So if you’re wondering how to systemise your business, take some inspiration from Marie Kondo.

This cultural phenomenon has enjoyed recent success due to its popularity on Netflix. Although the woman at the centre of it all, Marie Kondo, is a global bestselling author and one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

If you’ve not watched the show, the premise is really simple:

  • People have crazy, cluttered homes.
  • Marie Kondo helps them to tidy their homes using The KonMari Method™.
  • People transform their home into a blissful space.
  • And by simplifying and systemising their home once, they never have to do it again, and live happily ever after.

It’s all about sparking joy

The KonMari Method™ encourages tidying by category: clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and sentimental items. It’s all about taking each item in your home and asking, “Does this bring me joy?” and “Do I need it in my life going forward?”

Crazy for Kondo

People around the world are embracing The KonMari Method™ not just because it’s so effective, but because of its importance for the homeowner’s mental health.

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted the issue, citing research that clutter is associated with elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. We accumulate so much stuff that doesn’t add value to our lives, instead it ‘weighs us down and stresses us out’.

The same is also true in your business; research shows that nearly half of SME employees have quit jobs because of work-related frustrations and stresses that weren’t addressed – the main culprit being poor process.

So if we follow The KonMari Method™ to declutter and systematise our homes, could the same method be applied to our work?

Declutter and systemise your business

Take a second to think about the numerous processes in your businesses…

Ok, so they might not bring you so much ‘joy’ that you want to go and sing about it from the rooftops. However, knowing that your organisation is compliant with legislation, that employees are onboarded the same way, and your billing is completed every month must make you happy.

But…decluttering isn’t just about happiness; it improves performance, too.

By systemising your business, you’re making the way that your processes are run more consistent – i.e. things are being done the same way, by everyone, every time.

You see the success of business systemisation in organisations such as McDonalds and Rolls Royce. So let’s consider how they manage to grow on a global scale with such ease…

The Ultimate Business System

Over in the States, this master system is commonly referred to as the ‘Ultimate Business System’ (UBS). It’s the business alternative to The KonMarie Method. Saying how you structure, organise, store, access, refine, and, if necessary, delete, your company’s systems, UBS is important because it creates the mechanism that enables your processes to become business-as-usual.

The UBS captures the way your business actually operates and makes it available to everyone in a simple, user-friendly manner. Everything is systematised inside a simple structure of file folders, which is generally on a cloud-based system, and contains all the information people need to perform the job at hand.

How to systemise your business with Process Bliss

Process Bliss is simple software that ensures your processes are performed the same way by everyone, every time. As such, it makes a pretty effective UBS. Here’s why:

It starts by dividing your organisation into its separate departments, and each has a dedicated folder. Within each folder, all the process templates are stored relating to that department.

And each process template contains all the information you would need in order to complete the tasks – e.g. documents, spreadsheets, links…etc. It really is that simple.


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