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How to ensure a successful software rollout

We’re not going to bore you with theoretical models, like the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, about how a software rollout SHOULD work in practice. Instead, we’re going to share the ACTUAL steps you need to ensure your new technology is accepted and the...

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Little things you can do to improve wellness at work

Stress isn’t the same as pressure. Anxiety isn’t the same as worry. Depression isn’t the same as feeling sad. Mental health isn’t an excuse because you can’t be bothered to do something. And it’s not something you can control. It’s a genuine illness that can, in...

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5 reasons process fails

Process within your organisation exists within three forms: There’s the way it should be doneThen the way people want to do itAnd ultimately, the way it actually gets done So why aren’t these three things the same? 1) People have great ideas You hired clever people...

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Process Bliss launches channel referral programme

Process Management firm outlines next phase of expansion and growth plansProcess Bliss has launched a channel referral programme as it seeks to increase UK sales of its process management tool, announcing process consultancy Libreea as its first channel partner.The...

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It’s time your business ran without you

When you started your business did you think it would involve lots of late nights? Did you imagine you'd end up delegating/outsourcing the thing your enjoyed most in favour of business admin? Was spending everyday feeling like you’re fire-fighting really what you...

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Why do people document their processes?

Because it’s the biggest problem in your business.   Process is the blueprint for your organisation, dictating how it operates and where the lines of responsibility and accountability lie. But the trouble with process is that it’s invisible. And this means it’s...

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How Process Bliss can assist with Six Sigma

Six Sigma. A methodology for eliminating defects from a business. A tool to enable continuous improvement. The ultimate measure of quality. That’s because unlike other quality-improvement initiatives, Six Sigma focuses on:Achieving quantifiable financial...

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