Absence Concerns

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A process for managing concerns around an employee's absence record.

1Invite the employee to an absence concerns meeting

Importance: Essential

Send out a calendar invite, inviting the employee and person conducting the meeting.

Follow up the calendar invite with an email, using the template wording below.

Email Subject: Absence Concerns Meeting


Following your most recent period of absence, you are required to attend a meeting to discuss your absence record and the company's concerns.

The meeting will be held on [DATE] at [TIME] in [PLACE] by [NAME OF PERSON CONDUCTING THE MEETING].

2Prepare for the meeting

Importance: Essential

Obtain a copy of the employee's full absence record, detailing the dates, duration and reasons given at the time for the absences.

Make a note of any patterns or frequencies you notice.

Add a link here, to your 'Return to Work Interview' tasks, to obtain this information.

3Conduct the meeting

Importance: Essential

Use the Absence Concerns Meeting Record Template attached, to document the meeting.

Absence Concerns Meeting Template.docx

3.1Explain to the employee why the meeting is taking place

Importance: Optional

Reason: to discuss the employees absence record, following their most recent period of absence and to ascertain whether there is an underlying issue.

3.2Take the employee through their absence record, identifying any patterns in their absence

Importance: Optional

Show the employee their absence record:
- each entry
- the duration
- reasons they gave at the time for the absence
- any patterns you have noticed

3.3Agree any next steps

Importance: Optional

3.4Discuss with the employee that if the situation doesn’t improve, then disciplinary action may be taken (if applicable)

Importance: Optional

Confirm that this meeting constitutes a verbal warning (if applicable)

4Sign the Absence Concerns Meeting Record

Importance: Essential

Employee and person conducting the meeting to sign

Upload signed copy of meeting record:

4.1Share a copy of the signed record with the employee

Importance: Optional

5Create a disciplinary task (if applicable)

Importance: Optional

Add a link here, to your disciplinary template!

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