Customer Onboarding Template

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You may have done a great job of securing the deal, but that’s only the start of the story. Now it’s time to deliver on those promises. The following template is designed to help you get off to a great start with your new customers.

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1Capture and document key information

Importance: Essential

- Key contact
- Contact details
- About their business (e.g. sector, target, audience, competitors, objectives)
- Why they chose us and what they hope to achieve using us

2Send personal welcome email to client

Importance: Essential

3Send communication to the team about the client win

Importance: Optional

4Send follow-up client email containing key info

Importance: Essential

- Introduce key members of your team
- Point them to useful information they may need (e.g. support site)
- Explain next steps
- Book date/time for kick-off

5Assign team roles and issue internal communication

Importance: Optional

6Kick-off call / meeting

Importance: Essential

Set expectations, set relationship parameters, agree scope/deliverables, timescales

7Remind them why they chose us

Importance: Optional

Call / Email / Gift

8Product set-up

Importance: Essential

9After one week - catch-up call/email

Importance: Essential

- How are they getting on?
- Questions? Problems?
- How can we help with deeper engagement?

10Business as usual mode - keep them engaged

Importance: Optional

- In-app message
- Product release emails

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