Exit Interview

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A process to help the employer conduct an exit interview on an employee who is leaving the business.

1Book in the exit interview with the employee and the person conducting the exit interview

Importance: Optional

Send a calendar invite and book a meeting room.

Calendar Invite Subject: Exit Interview

Dear ____________________

Thank you for your service to our [NAME OF DEPARTMENT] department.

As you are leaving, the company would like to conduct an exit interview with you to gain an insight into your experiences.

Your responses during and after the exit interview will remain confidential. The data from the exit interview will be shared with senior management, only, and will be used to help improve the experience for current and future employees.

We typically talk to employees in their last week of employment.

If you have any questions prior to the exit interview, then please let me know.

2Conduct the exit interview

Importance: Essential

Use the exit interview template attached to document the interview.

Exit Interview Record Template.docx

3Share the exit interview record with senior management

Importance: Essential

Upload the completed exit interview here!

Email senior management to notify them of the newly completed exit interview record.

Upload completed exit interview record:

Email Subject: Completed exit interview record for review

Dear ________________________

Following the departure of [NAME OF EMPLOYEE], I confirm that the exit interview has been conducted and the data is now ready to be reviewed.

4Senior management to review exit interview data and decide on whether to implement any changes

Importance: Optional

Attend a meeting to review and decide whether changes need to be made to certain areas of the business and whether any of those changes require communication to employees.

4.1Book a meeting for senior management to review exit interview data

Importance: Optional

4.2Attend meeting to review exit interview data

Importance: Optional

4.3Agree any changes that will be made

Importance: Optional

4.4Agree any communications that will be made to staff

Importance: Optional

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