Return to Work Interview

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A process for managing an employee's return to work after a sickness absence.

1Obtain a copy of the employees absence record

Importance: Optional

If this is not the employee's first absence, obtain a copy of their absence records for help with step 3.2

Add the contact details of who to ask/where the absences records can be found, here!

2Welcome the interviewee back to work

Importance: Essential

Advise the employee that you are using a checklist (Return to Work Interview template) to record details and make notes.

If the employee would like a copy of this after the RTW that is OK.

3Discuss and document the reason for recent absence

Importance: Essential

Explore the reason for the most recent absence using the questions in the 'Return to Work Interview' document.

Discuss what may have caused or exacerbated the absence and document the conversation with the employee, using the 'Return to Work Interview' template.

Return to Work Interview Template.docx

3.1Discuss absence reporting

Importance: Essential

Confirm whether the employee followed the correct absence recording procedure (set out in your contract of employment).

Document the conversation with the employee, using the 'Return to Work Interview' template.

*Add a link to your contract of employment, here!*

3.2Review of Absence Record

Importance: Essential

Explore any:
- trends
- triggers that may have appeared
- whether there is a regular pattern
- if they have reached any trigger points
(set out in the absence/sickness section of your contract of employment)

*Add a link to your contract of employment, here!*

3.3Summarise agreements/actions/next steps

Importance: Essential

Document the conversation with the employee around next steps, using the 'Return to Work Interview' template.

You might suggest that an absence concern meeting is held, depending on the absence records and any trigger points reached.

3.3.1If trigger points were reached, set up a task to follow your 'Absence Concerns' process

Importance: Optional

Add a link to your 'Absence Concerns' template, here!

4Employee & Line Manager to sign the Return to Work Interview

Importance: Essential

Upload signed RTW Interview:

4.1Send employee a copy of the signed RTW Interview

Importance: Optional

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