Task management systems vs. to do list software

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The coronavirus outbreak is affecting businesses the world over. To help during this time a number of technology companies are offering their tools for free or at discounted rates. Read below for a list of free software that’s available for small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak.

To do list software

G Suite customers can use the premium plan of Hangouts Meet (video calls, live streaming and recording) for free until 1st July 2020.

Microsoft are offering a 6 month trial of Office 365 including Teams (for customers who are managed by a Microsoft account representative).

Cisco Webex, which provides video conferencing software, have extended their free trials to 90 days and personal accounts for many countries are now free.

Task management systems

Know Your Team, software that helps managers become better leaders, are offering their 60 page guide on Managing Remote Teams for free, including advice on communication and collaboration.

LifeLabs Learning have written a Remote Work Playbook with sections for employees, managers and operations departments.

The CEO of Basecamp hosted a 2 hour Q&A about remote working. He’s also written a book that has some free sample chapters (e.g. on cabin fever, working with clients) that’s well worth a read.

LinkedIn Learning have made 16 videos about remote working free.

Atlassian have created a Remote Work Hub containing pages of advice, tips and real life examples, including how to remain productive with your kids around. 

So which is best?

Cloudflare, a tool for network and internal system security, has made its Cloudflare for Teams service free for small businesses for at least six months.

Zapier, a platform that lets you connect your systems and automate work, are offering a free 3 month Starter plan for their most impacted small business customers.

Loom, a video creation tool including screen recording and sharing, has removed the recording limit on its free plan and cut the price of its paid plan.

PandaDoc, an eSignature solution, have created a new free plan for their software.

Really Simple Systems are offering their small business CRM system free for 3 months.

Zoho Remotely, a suite of web and mobile apps to help staff communicate and collaborate, will be free until 1st July 2020.

1Password, an online repository for passwords that can be shared with colleagues, are offering their business plan free for 6 months.

Hootsuite, a social media management tool, is offering its professional plan for free to affected small businesses and non-profits until 1st July 2020.

Atlassian, which provides a suite of collaboration tools (primarily aimed at technology companies), are now providing their products for free for small teams.

ShareAble for Hires, a low-cost way to conduct checks on prospective employees, are offering free pre-employment background checks to small businesses through July 31st 2020.

Getting started with business process management

Ahrefs, an SEO optimisation tool, is offering its Blogging for Business course for free, for an unspecified limited time (usually $799).

LifeLabs Learning have compiled a HR & People Operations Prep Document which includes communication templates and the most common policy changes companies have been making.

People Puzzles have written a list of FAQs on how to minimise disruption for your business covering topics such as managing absence and finances.

How to lead remote employees (Forbes)

5 priorities for CEOs to manage during a crisis (Vistage)

CEO plan: actions to take now (Bain & Company)

Lead your business through the coronavirus crisis (Harvard Business Review)

Coronavirus survival strategy for your startup (VentureBeat)

How to work from home with kids (AllConnect)


If we can help with any processes or policies, please get in touch. We can help you define your key processes and get them running for your business. 


  1. Jason Khooo


    I wanted to share a free service that Sparkhouse is offering.

    We’re currently offering free promotional videos for small businesses, with no need to meet or film in person!

    The goal is to help small shops and entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic by helping them communicate important information out to the local community about what they offer and how people can currently access their valuable products and services.

    We’ve already made videos for businesses across the country and want to get the word out to more businesses who really need the help!

    Businesses can apply here – https://thesparkhouse.com/support-local/

    Thank you!

  2. Jason Khoo

    Here are two amazing offers by companies:

    Vincit California – Free Digitalization & Ecommerce Roadmap
    Struggling small businesses can apply and receive a customized ecommerce strategy, design & technical advice and free 1 on 1’s with ecommerce developers
    Apply here: http://vincit.com/pandemic-support

    Sparkhouse – Free Promotional Video
    Free promotional videos for small shops to get important information out to their community and how people can currently access their valuable products & services.

    Apply here: https://thesparkhouse.com/support-local/

    These services are something that struggling businesses would really benefit from and I know these companies are looking to help as many peoples as possible.

    Think they’d be great to add to your COVID-19 resources list.


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