Embed workflow and help your teams get it right, every time

The easiest, most powerful workflow management software for your business.

Make best practice repeatable

Create & share easy to follow workflow templates detailing everything teams need to know

Ensure everything
gets done

Execute workflow as team checklists with dependent dates and clear owners for each step

Gain clear
progress visibility

View in one dashboard all Task progress, what is overdue and what is on track

Raise & resolve

Communicate, @mention & resolve issues as a team, keeping a record of everything discussed

Save time with integration

Integrate & automate with over 2,000 applications including your CRM, email & finance software

Reduce cost of compliance

Manage audits, track process success and record ‘why not done’, with audit trails and timestamps throughout

Four integrated elements

that make work easier for everyone.

Central Library
Execute workflow
Manage tasks
Track progress
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Central Library
Eliminate the chaos by centralising process, procedures & policies as Templates in a secure, permissions based central library.

So everyone knows where to find the information they need

Faster onboarding, less mistakes, get it right, every time

Get started even quicker with our pre-built template library

Execute workflow
Stop things getting missed by creating repeatable Task checklists, exactly from your Templates, that notify people when and what to do.

Deliver consistent workflow that exactly matches the process

Clear ownership & accountability at every stage

Configure recurring schedules for daily or monthly workflow

Manage tasks
'My Tasks' is a personal task manager that makes prioritizing your day simple. Manage everything, from anywhere - even your sofa.

Manage all your projects, actions, to-dos & reminders in one app

Be notified of what you need to do and when, and what is overdue

Communicate in the same platform you work in, so nothing is missed

Track progress
See instantly what you need to with clear, detailed progress reports showing done, overdue and ownership. Look at the detail, or see the high level numbers in shareable Dashboards.

Instantly see what has been done, by whom, and what is overdue

View dashboard summaries that click directly into the detail

Create transparency so that people work better together

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Less expensive than chaos

“The best product we have invested in so far, now everyone knows exactly when and what to do”


Chrissy Wilson
Operations Manager


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Implementation options?

Starter Assistance (Included Free)

  • 4x one hour video calls
  • To advise, train, map, integrate

Accelerator Pack (£995/$1,350/€1,200)

  • 3x 4hr remote/onsite (UK) sessions
  • Delivered to Proven Process

Managed (Bespoke)

  • Defined scope of delivery
  • Compliance (ISO, CQC, FCA)

Centralised workflow library

  • Drag & drop workflow template builder
  • Dependent dates, decision branches & loops
  • Attachments, forms & data capture
  • Pre-built process Template Library
  • Continuous Improvement feedback

Task management & workflow

  • Ad-hoc & Repeatable Task management
  • Notifications & Activity feed
  • Scheduled & Recurring Tasks
  • Resolvable comments & @mention
  • Task/Step Quick Reassignment

Dashboards & reporting

  • Process quality analytics
  • Template RAG progress reports
  • Save & share Task status reports
  • Dashboard report views

Compliance management

  • Permissions based folder structure
  • User management & permissions
  • Full audit trail of all activity
  • Create inspection/audit templates

Integrate & save time

  • Integration with 2,000+ applications
  • Native mobile apps (iOS & Android)
  • Live Chat & Email support


Process & Policies

One central accessible library

Collaborate, create, publish & share
Documents, data & flowchart support
Permissions based folder structure
Pre-built Template library


Deliver operational visibility

Execute as dynamic Task checklists
Report on progress & status
Improve with continuous feedback
Integrate & automate 3,000+ apps


Reduce cost of compliance

Policy acceptance & Audit Templates
Evidenced audit trail of all activity
Record process success & failure

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of process or workflow tasks can Process Bliss help manage?

In Process Bliss you can create, centralise and execute all of your business process, no matter how big or small. Whether HR, finance, operations or customer success, we can help with;

  • Customer onboarding
  • Approval processes
  • Content production
  • Employee onboarding
  • Finance operations
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Compliance reviews
  • And anything else you need...

Process Bliss also assists with compliance, such as ISO or FSA, in order to show that processes exist, are maintained, and are followed - with a full audit trail.

If you're looking to understand better how to improve team task management, the linked article discusses some options and tactics you can take, along with this article about prioritizing team tasks.


When you say integration, how can that help me?
This is where things can get exciting. We always recommend starting simple, and making sure the process works - because automating something that isn't great won't make things better.

We support integration through Zapier, which means you connect Process Bliss to over 3,000 applications including CRM, email, finance or other databases. This could be Salesforce, Pipedrive, Google Sheets or Google Forms or many other systems.

Example use cases include;

  • Data captured during a process task to be automatically inserted into your CRM
  • Automatically email a generated PDF report to a client using data entered during the task
  • Kick off a Process Bliss task based on a field changing in Salesforce
  • Creating a Process Bliss task from an email in your inbox, to add it to your personal 'to-do' list

Integrating systems and automating activities helps you save time and reduce cost, and to provide an even more brilliant service to your customers.


If I need help getting started, what do you offer?

While Process Bliss is simple to use, we're keen to make sure you get value as quickly as possible. As you'd expect, all customers have access to our extensive support documentation library, email support and responsive online chat for any queries.

Process Bliss Implementation options;

  1. Free support call during your trial
    • To answer questions, discuss your use case, map in an example process
  2. Starter Assistance
    • Assigned, dedicated specialist
    • 4x One hour video calls
    • To advise, train, help map, advise on integration
    • Included free with every active subscription
    • Recommended for less than 10 users
  3. Accelerator Pack
    • Delivered to Proven Process
    • 3x 4hr remote or on-site sessions
    • Help you achieve more value, faster
    • £995, $1,350 or €1,200 depending on currency
    • Onsite is UK only, travel costs may be charged
  4. Managed Implementation
    • Agreed scope of delivery
    • Senior consultants embedded in your business
    • Typically targetting compliance (for example ISO, CQC, FCA)
    • Cost is bespoke depending on requirements
    • For larger implementations or complex requirements


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