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Founded in 2017, Process Bliss is a new organisation that is personally funded by its CEO, Alister Esam, following the sale of his previous software-as-a-service business, eShare. It has headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, where the management team, comprising five people, is based. A second office over in Poland is home to its development team, comprising seven people.

Process Bliss’ founder and CEO, Alister Esam, built and ran a successful global software product company, eShare, which has been running for over 14 years. At eShare he was obsessed with process and developed a Process Bliss prototype, which every one of his 65 employees used. He’s passionate about taking the product to more companies and believes more than anything else that process should be easy.

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Rachel Woodford
Marketing Manager
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Once upon a time…organisations had a love/hate relationship with process.

They put processes in place to control critical business functions such as HR, marketing and sales. 💖

But every day…more processes were added until millions of unseen operations, which account for an organisation’s success, existed. 💥

Over time, these processes were squirrelled away in files. They degraded, became forgotten or were simply ignored. 😡

One day…we created Process Bliss, an affordable, easy to use software-as-a-service designed to help companies embed process within their organisation. 👍

It makes sure processes are run the same way by everyone, every time. It gives people what they need to perform tasks the best way they can. 😃

Because of that…visibility and accountability on process performance improved. Employee morale was boosted because people were trusted to do a good job and customers received a better service. 💪

Because of that… business efficiency was drastically improved, which increased the bottom line. 🙏

Until finally… businesses existed in a world where process just happens, brilliantly. 💘

We are empowering people to improve processes where they see they aren’t working. If that means ignoring a step in the process because they can’t do it, or feel it’s unnecessary – that’s fine. For that reason we are unique in this space.

Alister Esam

CEO and founder of Process Bliss

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