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Founded in 2017, Process Bliss is a new organisation that is personally funded by its CEO, Alister Esam, following the sale of his previous software-as-a-service business, eShare. It has headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, where the management team, comprising four people, is based. A second office over in Poland is home to its development team, comprising seven people.

Process Bliss’ founder and CEO, Alister Esam, built and ran a successful global software product company, eShare, which has been running for over 14 years. At eShare he was obsessed with process and developed a Process Bliss prototype, which every one of his 65 employees used. He’s passionate about taking the product to more companies and believes more than anything else that process should be easy.

Press contact

For all press enquiries, please contact:
Alice Hollis
Head of marketing
Tel: 07853 351 280

Once upon a time…organisations put processes in place to control business-critical functions, such as HR, marketing, sales, operations, accounting and customer-retention.

Every day…more processes were added until millions of unseen operations, which account for an organisation’s success, existed. But over time, these processes degrade, are forgotten or simply ignored.

One day…we created Process Bliss, affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that is targeted towards SMEs. It is designed to empower every person, every day to achieve more and do it better. It does this by being simple process software everyone understands. Unlike other available products, Process Bliss simply builds the process for you, and benefits SMEs in three ways:

  1. Empowering the team and freeing them to focus on what matters.
  2. Enabling continuous process improvement.
  3. Reassuring management that things are being done the way they want.

Because of that…visibility and accountability on process performance was improved, full compliance was achieved, customer service was enhanced and employee motivation and engagement were boosted and processes started to improve by themselves as people gave feedback and improvements were incorporated.

Because of that…business efficiency was drastically improved, which increased the bottom line.

Until finally…businesses existed in a world where it all just happens, brilliantly.

Process Bliss is about empowerment. We value people and their skills, we don’t try to control what they can do but instead we give them the freedom to do it better. That is unique in this space.

Alister Esam

CEO and founder of Process Bliss

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