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Is the age-old model of ‘people, process, and technology’ still relevant?

by | 7 Dec, 2018 | Process

A simple way of explaining the critical factors for business success, we question whether the traditional model of ‘people, process and technology’ is now redundant in today’s modern world.

People, process and technology

Together, these three elements should drive your business to success, and obtain your overarching vision. Organisations like it because it’s simple. But is it too simple? The traditional model just states what each function does:

  • People: the ones doing the work.
  • Process: the way they do the work.
  • Technology: the mechanism for making you more efficient.

But it fails to show how they all interact together to drive a business forward.

As separate entities each helps your business to tick along. But as the saying goes, ‘do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you always got.’

But what if you changed it up?

What if you allowed the elements in the framework to come together, challenge each other and help one another. What would you get then?

What if…people got to inform your processes?

You hired clever people, so let them take your ‘good’ process, apply their skills, knowledge and experience to make it a ‘great’ process.

What if…your processes were managed by technology?

We performed research that showed nearly a third (30%) of SMEs are managing their processes on spreadsheets, and 12% are managing them in their head. The beauty of technology is that it can run your processes for you, automating things, alerting people when things need doing, and capturing ever instance of the process running for auditing purposes.

What if…technology empowered your people?

We all know people hate software. We all know people hate being controlled and told what to do. We all know if you force someone to tick a box they’ll do it regardless of whether they completed the task. But what if you empowered people and allowed them to say no? What if you allowed people to bypass a task and tell you why they couldn’t/wouldn’t do it – isn’t that information more valuable to improving your processes and the way your business operates?

Enable your business to reach your vision

Process Bliss is a simple application that combines people, process and technology to drive your business forward. It:

  • Reassures you that things are being done the same way every time.
  • Empowers your team to complete things in the way they feel best.
  • Ensures your business is continually improving.


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