Less expensive than chaos.

Centralise best practice

  • Drag & drop template flowchart builder
  • Dependent dates, decision branches & loops
  • Attachments, forms & data capture
  • Pre-built process Template Library
  • Continuous Improvement feedback

Task collaboration & workflow

  • Ad-hoc & Repeatable task management
  • Notifications & Activity feed
  • Scheduled & Recurring Tasks
  • Resolvable comments & @mention
  • Task/Step Quick Reassignment

Track & report progress

  • Process quality analytics
  • Template RAG progress reports
  • Organisation Task status reports

Meet compliance

  • Permissions based folder structure
  • User management & permissions
  • Full audit trail of all activity

Integrate & save time

  • Integration with 2,000+ applications
  • Native mobile apps (iOS & Android)
  • Live Chat & Email support

The best product we have invested in so far, now everyone knows exactly when and what to do

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Gives me back control of my business knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time.

Time to make work easier.

Centralise process

  • Powerful workflow builder

  • Process quality Analytics

  • Pre-built Template Library

Execute workflow

  • Execute team checklists

  • Gain operational visibility

  • Integrate & automate

Track progress

  • Continuously improve

  • Issue tracking & resolutions

  • Audit trail of all activity

Need help with implementation?

Premium Support

On-demand access to process experts for ad-hoc mapping, training & system guidance.

Free for first month to help you get started.

Managed Services

Experienced business analyst mentoring internal teams to  project deliverables.

Ideal for larger scale implementations.

Process Mapping

Ad-hoc consultancy resource to map/modify business process to system.

When experienced resource or specific compliance required.


To assist with integration and automation of Process Bliss with other internal system.

The next steps in operational efficiency and reduced cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We're looking at this across the business, how will it help?

Creating consistency in how your business operates drives efficiency, reduces cost and allows you to scale. Customers receive a better service, increase spend and recommend you to their network.

Systemising does not mean documenting process in a file share. This doesn’t work. They become out of date, people forget things, or they stick with the old way. You can spend a lot of time and money, with no real value gained.

To systemise process needs to be embedded, by integrating process and workflow. What is meant to happen, happens, and any improvements are put in place quickly.

Process Bliss provides a simple to use platform that allows you to centralise process, execute workflow and track progress – making you more agile, more efficient, and ready to scale – to wherever you want to go.

What kind of process or workflow tasks can Process Bliss help manage?

In Process Bliss you can create, centralise and execute all of your business process, no matter how big or small. Every business function has repeatable activities including HR, finance, operations and customer success,  that are important to their success.

Areas where Process Bliss offers immediate value are where key business process is currently being tracked by spreadsheet, or email – or not at all. This might be customer onboarding, tracking service issues or hiring new employees.

Process Bliss also assists with compliance, such as ISO or FSA, in order to show that processes exist, are maintained, and are followed – with a full audit trail.

What makes Process Bliss different?

Our difference is central to our ethos – that people are smarter than process. Rather than have process create conflict, people should be engaged in working together to improve the workflow that makes a business successful.

For process to become successfully embedded, the ability for ‘doers’ of process to own or easily feed back and improve the very activities that they perform daily themselves.

  • It requires a system that is simple for everyone to collaborate in
  • Provides clear flowchart visuals so process workflow can be understood
  • Allows easy feedback on process improvement
  • Show you when something can’t be done, including the reason why – so it can be fixed.

Process Bliss includes these feedback loops for a reason. We want your teams to be engaged and motivated to help improve how your business operates, because an engaged and motivated team that knows exactly what to do will always succeed.

When you say integration, how can that help me?
This is where things can get exciting. We always recommend starting simple, and making sure the process works – because automating something that isn’t great won’t make things better.

We support integration through Zapier, which means you connect Process Bliss to over 3,000 applications including CRM, email, finance or other databases. This could be Salesforce, Pipedrive, Google Sheets or Google Forms or many other systems.

Example use cases include;

  • Data captured during a process task to be automatically inserted into your CRM
  • Automatically email a generated PDF report to a client using data entered during the task
  • Kick off a Process Bliss task based on a field changing in Salesforce
  • Creating a Process Bliss task from an email in your inbox, to add it to your personal ‘to-do’ list

Integrating systems and automating activities helps you save time and reduce cost, and to provide an even more brilliant service to your customers.


What is a user?

A user in Process Bliss is an individual account with their own login details. Process Bliss subscriptions charge per user. Users can be anyone you wish to have access to your templates and tasks.

Usually users are those who work for your business, but you can also add freelancers or clients to your Process Bliss organisation. These people will be charged in the same way as someone who works for your company.

Will everything transfer from the trial to a paid subscription?

Yes, all of your templates and tasks that you create, and all of the users that you invite during the trial will be transferred to your paid subscription.

How can I pay?

You can choose to pay by credit card or by invoice – just let us know during your trial. We accept all major credit cards, and payment in USD ($), EUR (€) or GBP (£).

Are there any discounts available?

You get 2 months free if you pay annually, equivalent to 12 months for the price of ten (a 17% discount).

If need to flex to support a gradual implementation, require additional support with implementation or have more than 25 users, please get in touch to discuss your pricing model.

“Process Bliss gives me control back of my business by knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time.

We need to standardise our own processes, especially as we recruit new staff. Process Bliss is the best tool for that.”

Rebecca Woolmington
Managing Director, HRCentral

Powerful, easy to use tool to track time critical workflow for our legal clients

Has transformed our onboarding, we're now in 'zero-friction' territory which is awesome

Process Bliss transformed our entire business, now everyone knows exactly when and what to do

As an Agency we onboard and manage a lot of clients daily - Process Bliss handles it all.

Gives me back control of my business knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time.

I could immediately see that Process Bliss would make all our lives easier and help us avoid any slip-ups