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Unlimited templates

You can create process templates for all your business functions.

Unlimited tasks

Imagine all the work you and your colleagues can achieve!

One-off tasks

You can ditch the paper to do lists and keep all your tasks in one place.

My tasks

You can prioritise your own work. Hide tasks until nearer the due date.

Permissions on template folders

You can restrict access to sensitive folders such as HR and Finance.

Feedback on steps

When a step can’t be completed, you can capture the reason why. This helps your process continually improve.

Add attachments/request file uploads

It allows you to give or request files to people so they can get the job done.

Schedule recurring tasks

If tasks occur the same time every week or month, you can save time by scheduling them on the calendar.

Clone templates

Sharing your templates with other departments in your organisation saves you time.

Assign steps

Your colleagues know what needs to be done and by when.


No need to chase colleagues for updates. Get an ‘at a glance view’ on the status of tasks run from templates.


You may need it for audit purposes. Print off the steps in a template or task.

Audit trail

Keep a track on what’s been updated. See who has changed what and when on your templates and tasks.


Manage what you see. Filter active/completed/waiting tasks assigned to you or your colleagues.

Download the app

Using the Process Bliss app you can tick tasks off when you are on the go.

Online support

We’re on hand to help you get up and running quickly. Got a question? Ask us online.

Additional onsite training for up to 10 employees – we can bring our Process Bliss expertise to you and your team. Currently only available in the UK. Additional payment required. Email for more information.