All services offer full functionality and include a 14 day trial, no credit card needed
Pay annually and get two months free

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Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user?

A user in Process Bliss is an individual account with their own login details. Process Bliss subscriptions charge per user. Users can be anyone you wish to have access to your templates and tasks.

Usually users are those who work for your business, but you can also add freelancers or clients to your Process Bliss organisation. These people will be charged in the same way as someone who works for your company.


Are there any software differences between the three services?

No, all services provide the full functionality of Process Bliss. Charities, Education & Start-ups offers reduced pricing to support good causes. Business is our standard offering and typically used by businesses up to 50 users. Enterprise typically provides reduced pricing per user compared to Business, with additional consultancy dependent on project implementation requirements and any custom development.

Will everything transfer from the trial to a paid subscription?

Yes, all of your templates and tasks that you create, and all of the users that you invite during the trial will be transferred to your paid subscription. 


How can I pay?

You can choose to pay by credit card or by invoice – just let us know during your trial. We accept all major credit cards.


Are there any discounts available?

You get 2 months free if you pay annually. If you have more than 50 users get in contact and we can discuss reduced per user pricing. 

There are discounts for charities, education and start-ups. Please get in touch using the link above to find out more.

Haven’t got time to implement software yourself? Don’t know where to start?

We offer a hand holding service to help you get all your key processes captured and embedded in your business.

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Combine three core requirements to run like clockwork

One central home for all process

  • Simple yet powerful process builder
  • Branching logic & attachments
  • Onboarding & training
  • Pre-built Process Library

Deliver operational visibility

  • Easily run through a Task checklist
  • Report on progress & status
  • Improve with continuous feedback
  • Integrate & automate with Zapier

Support compliance with confidence

  • i.e. ISO, GDPR, HSE, MFID2, FSA, FCA
  • Verify training of specific processes
  • Evidenced audit trail of all activity
  • Validate process & workflow quality

Our testimonials

“Process Bliss gives me control back of my business by knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time. We need to standardise our own processes, especially as we recruit new staff. Process Bliss is the best tool for that.”


Read more about why Rebecca chose to use Process Bliss.

Rebecca Woolmington
Managing Director, HRCentral

“With Process Bliss, I think I can get to a place where I have a light touch in the overall running of the business, and I am released to do sales all day long. Being free to concentrate on the bits I really like doing, and the things I’m best at, will ultimately give a better result for the company.”

Read more about why Rory chose to use Process Bliss.

Rory Waterer
Managing Director, Urban Planters

“I need to know that tasks are being completed as efficiently and effectively as possible, and that processes are running like clockwork. I could immediately see that Process Bliss would make all our lives easier, and help us to avoid any slip-ups that could affect the quality of service we give to our clients.”

Read more about why Melissa chose to use Process Bliss.

Melissa Hughes
Marketing Manager, Haslams Estate Agents

“Since using the Process Bliss software I’ve seen a significant improvement in productivity. I now get more done within a day as I have the ability to plan the day better.”


Read more about why Taylor chose to use Process Bliss.

Taylor BeavisDirector, Universe Financial Advice Ltd

“I knew we needed some kind of workflow with the capability to set reminders and make notes. Process Bliss fit the bill perfectly.”

Read more about why Lauren chose to use Process Bliss.

Lauren HudsonOffice Coordinator, Better Wealth Management

“Process Bliss is very easy and intuitive to use. Once you’ve created your process you can see, in a single view, where the process is being run and how far it has been completed. Great for checking where there are bottlenecks and potential improvements.”

Holly Hamilton

All features

Features unique to Process Bliss


Visual workflow

Visualise your process as a workflow with arrows and loops, but run it as a checklist.

Mapping a procedure is simple with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor, with no need to draw boxes and understand complicated BPM notation.

Anyone can document a process in minutes.


Record uncompleted work

Process Bliss doesn’t force you to tick off a step just so you can get on with your work. Can’t do a step? Select the cross and give a reason why it couldn’t be done.

Tasks are no longer blocked and more importantly, the reason why something couldn’t be done is captured. Perfect for uncovering blockers and enabling process improvement.

Feature table

Process Bliss
Run processes as collaborative workflows
Flowchart view of a process
Integrate with over 2000+ apps to automate tasks
Capture workflow data
Add images with preview
Add & request documents
Decision branches & loops
Assign Tasks and Workflows
Dashboard visibility of in-progress workflows
GDPR compliant
Process or step reassignment & Team delegation
Process template library
Schedule repeatable workflow Tasks
Continuous Improvement process feedback
Online support & knowledge base
Free personalised implementation session
Optional process consultant led project resource  *
*On-site is UK only
Guest user access to processes and workflow *
*External access still available as a counted user
Approval flows
Personalised email sending within app *
*Requires Zapier integration
Personal ‘My Tasks’ or To-do page
Ability to create personal Tasks
Due dates & dynamic due dates
Mobile apps on iOS and Android
Deep audit trails
Powerful access & permission settings
Mobile, app & email notifications