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Process Bliss launches to the mass-market ahead of schedule as research shows 88% of senior managers waste two-fifths of their week managing process

by | 21 Jun, 2018 | Press

Thursday 21 June 2018, NEWBURY, UK: Process Bliss, simple process management software everyone understands, will launch its new platform ahead of schedule at the exclusive Vistage Open Day: Inspired Leadership with Kevin Gaskell on the 29 June. The early launch is driven in part by “The state of process management in UK SMEs”*, a report that shows 88% of senior managers waste two-fifths of their week managing process.

Process Bliss is a new start-up software company, which is the vision of its entrepreneurial CEO and Founder, Alister Esam. Process Bliss unveiled the beta-version of its process management platform last month with the intention of launching to the mass market at the end of July. But with positive feedback from its early adopters, and its primary research showing an immediate need, the platform is entering the market a month ahead of schedule.

“One of the key features of Process Bliss is that it has to reflect how process works in the real-world, rather than being another piece of software that forces you to do things a certain way. That means we don’t make people think process. They just record the things that they need to do in Process Bliss and Process Bliss creates and improves process for them. It’s magic,” said Mr Esam.

He continued, “For senior managers in SMEs, and particularly those in the c-suite, maintaining visibility of the entire organisation is critical if you’re to retain your competitive edge as you grow. Through Process Bliss you can forget the paper checklists, spreadsheets and disparate systems used to manage your processes. With Process Bliss, everything is together in one platform, empowering users, reassuring managers and facilitating continuous improvement across the organisation.

“Based on sound research, input from our Founder Panel members and the positive feedback from the early adopters of our beta product, we’re confident that Process Bliss has what it takes to successfully launch now, so why would we wait?”

Process Bliss will officially launch to the mass market at the Vistage Open Day: Inspired Leadership with Kevin Gaskell. Vistage is an exclusive global network of over 22,000 business owners, MDs and CEOs who want to take leadership to the next level. As a member, Mr Esam was able to grow his previous software-as-a-service business and sell it before founding Process Bliss.

“Launching Process Bliss at Vistage feels like I’ve come full circle,” said Mr Esam. “From starting eShare on a bootstrap to building it into the global success it is today, I’ve made many mistakes that I’ve learned from, and acquired some great advice and ideas thanks to the support of Vistage. I now get to put all that experience into making Process Bliss the market leader in process management software for small business.”

* Download a copy of our research report: “The state of process management in UK SMEs“. Our research is based on the responses of 100 senior managers of UK-based SMEs.

About Process Bliss

Founded in 2017, Process Bliss is a new organisation that is internally funded following the successful sale of eShare. It has headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, where the management team, comprising four people, is based. A second office over in Poland is home to its development team, comprising seven people. The software is £8 per user per month, where all users enjoy its full functionality.


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