How our software product helps you scale

Combat inconsistency by compiling all the instructions and files needed to do the job in one place

Accelerate staff onboarding by providing a ready-made list of ‘how tos’ and checklists to follow

Eliminate key person risk by moving knowledge from people’s heads into a company repository

Focus on your business by using reports to step back from the day to day and become more strategic

Get your business running itself

1. Map

Capture your competitive advantage by documenting your repeatable processes.

From Finance, to HR, to Sales and everything in between – the unique way you do business is your business.

2. Organise

Create a central repository for all your business processes, so it’s just a few clicks to find what you need.

Restrict access to sensitive information to only those who need it.

3. Execute

Ensure your processes are run the same way every time by creating checklists.

People are notified about work assigned to them and are alerted when the deadline is approaching.

4. Improve

Track progress, uncover blockers and identify efficiencies through process reports.

Review feedback captured as the process is run to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Free for you and a colleague – start paying when you add the third user


Don’t have time to implement software yourself?

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All features

  • Unlimited process templates
  • Import processes from CSV
  • Add decision branches
  • Attach files
  • Assign steps
  • Progress reports
  • Unlimited folders
  • Notifications
  • Schedule tasks
  • Mobile apps