Process & workflow software for the Public Sector

Process Bliss is a cost-effective digital transformation tool for the public sector. Digitise a process or transform a department to deliver results in hours, not months.

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  Eliminate paper and spreadsheet silos

  Improve efficiency, reduce costs

  Simplify compliance and reporting

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Simple yet powerful Process Management for Public Sector

With Process Bliss, you can put process into operation immediately.

Turbo charge your workflow processes with clear owners for each step, dynamic due dates, attach files and pictures, even request information as a process is run through as a collaborative checklist. Processes continue to evolve, with visibility & inbuilt feedback capability on where to improve.

Creating a centralised process library on how your teams operate is critical to ensuring employees can be effective in their roles.


Compliance & Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector

With Process Bliss, compliance & continuous improvement is built in to the service, which is listed in the following Crown Commercial Supplier (CCS) categories;

  • Collaborative working
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Electronic document and records management
  • Human resources and employee management
  • Operations management
  • Project management and planning

Understanding process quality and how to improve is vital to organisational efficiency within the public sector.

Create & share easy to follow processes that detail everything staff need to know

REDUCE COSTS WITH CONSISTENCY Drive consistency across functions and customers to ensure nothing is missed

ENSURE EVERYTHING GETS DONE Execute as team checklists with dynamic due dates and clear step owners

SAVE TIME WITH INTEGRATION Integrate with over 2,000 applications including your email & CRM

View in one dashboard all Task progress, what is overdue and what is on track

Track process success, where they are working and where needs improvement

Combine three core requirements to run like clockwork


One central home for all process

  • Simple yet powerful process builder
  • Branching logic & attachments
  • Onboarding & training
  • Pre-built Process Library


Deliver operational visibility

  • Easily run through a Task checklist
  • Report on progress & status
  • Improve with continuous feedback
  • Integrate & automate with Zapier


Support compliance with confidence

  • i.e. ISO, GDPR, HSE, MFID2, FSA, FCA
  • Verify training of specific processes
  • Evidenced audit trail of all activity
  • Validate process & workflow quality

“Process Bliss gives me control back of my business by knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time.

We need to standardise our own processes, especially as we recruit new staff. Process Bliss is the best tool for that.”

Rebecca Woolmington
Managing Director, HRCentral