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The best customer onboarding template – free template

by | 14 Feb, 2019 | Product

Congratulations! You made the sale. Time to break open the bubbles and celebrate.


You may have done a great job of securing the deal, but that’s only the start of the story. Now it’s time to deliver on those promises.

The top two reasons for customer churn are:

  1. Customers don’t understand your product
  2. Customers don’t see the value in it.

The best way to prevent either of these from happening is to continue the great experience you’ve delivered to this point. And the secret to continuing your success is through your customer onboarding process.

Using a template as your ‘blueprint’ means your process for onboarding customers is consistent every time. With Process Bliss it’s easy to set up a customer onboarding template.

Here’s how it works…

Your customer onboarding process might look like this:

Step 1: Agree preferred communication channel and obtain key contact details

All of this should be available from the details in the contract.

Step 2: Send personal welcome message to client

Step 3: Send communication to the team about the client win

Step 4: Assign team and roles

Step 5: Send follow-up client email containing key info

Introduce key members of your team, point them to useful information they may need (e.g. support site), explain next steps, book date/time for kick-off.

Step 6: Kick-off call/meeting

Set expectations, set relationship parameters, agree scope/deliverables, timescales.

Step 7: Product set-up – consider the training that may be required

Ensuring the client is properly onboarded so they know how to use your product/service and are fully engaged with it.

Step 9: After one week…catch-up call/email

How are they getting on? Questions? Problems? How can we help with deeper engagement?

Step 10: ‘Business as usual mode’: keep them engaged

E.g. Product updates and invitations to events.

Create template, run tasks, track progress

A basic template is enough to get you going, but you will want to add/delete steps to make the process fit your organisation. 

Process Bliss allows you to set up templates for the recurring processes in your business, such as customer onboarding, you then ‘run’ the process for each new client you take onboard. Steps within the process can be assigned to different people and given a due date.

In the template report view, you can see exactly what stage in the onboarding process you are with each new customer.

Click on the button below and start using our customer onboarding template in Process Bliss. 


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