The best employee onboarding process

Your new employee onboarding process sets the tone for your relationship. It makes sure your employee knows who you are, where you’re going, what matters, sets expectations, plus all the logistics, like performing background checks and ordering equipment.

See the process below or download the template at the bottom of the page.

Onboarding process template


Step 1: Once employee has accepted, confirm the first day logistics 

(What time to turn up, who to meet, where to park etc.)

Step 2: Add employee to HR systems

Step 3: Validate original documents and certificates (passport, qualifications etc.)

Step 4: Obtain checks (such as DBS, Right to Work etc.)

Step 5: Order equipment

This could include items like keys, fobs, laptop, monitor, keyboard & mouse, desk & chair, and mobile phone.

Step 6: Set up email address

Step 7: Set up access to systems

Don’t forget to consider both your third-party systems (e.g. SalesForce, Xero, SharpSpring) and internal systems (e.g. access to the website backend, SharePoint, G-Suite)

Step 8: Organise training

This should include training about your product/service and your company, but could also include specific training on the systems you use.

Step 9: Communicate to staff

Step 10: Assign work

Ensure their line manager has a copy of the job description and has an induction plan of what needs covering in their first week.

Step 11: Book HR induction

Your new employee will need to know what happens with payroll, absence, requesting holiday and health and safety in the office. You will also need to register them for benefits, including pension enrolment.

Step 12: Update the org chart

For example, via the intranet, or a new person board.

Now make it your own

This basic template is enough to get you going, but you will want to add/delete steps to make the process fit your organisation. For example, this is our employee onboarding process:

Want a head start?

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