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These are a few of our blissful things…

by | 29 May, 2019 | People

We are astonished, dumbfounded, flabbergasted and stupefied.

Why? We hear you ask…

Because we can’t find a decent list of blissful things.

Why are we even looking?

Our software is based on the premise that when process ‘just works’ within organisations, it’s bliss. We know that what’s bliss for one person, isn’t necessary bliss for the next. So we Googled ‘list of blissful things’ and the results were pitiful….

“When people say, ‘Wow! You’re so tan!’”

“Vast, vast oceans that tickle your senses.”

“Embracing change”

Nothing we found was really inspiring. And very few suggestions were things that we may actually consider as being ‘blissful’.

So, unsatisfied at our findings, we’re setting out on a mission to create the ultimate list of ACTUAL blissful things. Starting with our team…

Alister Esam, CEO

“I just love a good night’s sleep. When I wake up in the morning and I’m totally relaxed, I feel so much better and able to get more done. I think I appreciate it because it’s not very easy to achieve. I love sleep so much that recently I’ve started consuming books about it. The whole topic of sleeping and why we dream is fascinating to me.”

Laura Parker, Executive Assistant

“My beautiful cat Prin has made my house a home, bringing George and I so much love and joy. She waits on the window sill of my bay window for me to return home from work, watches TV with us in the evening, follows us around the house and garden, and then sleeps on my pillow each night. She’s my happy companion and this brings me bliss.”

Alan Mortis, CTO

“Bliss for me is being out on the water. I love sailing and it’s something I share with my family. This is me out on Lake Windermere with my daughter.”

Rachel Woodford, Marketing Manager

“My blissful thing is riding horses. These animals have the ability to make me feel such a wide range of emotions – from relaxed and peaceful when giving them a hug, to nervous excitement at the thought of going over a jump. And the adrenaline from a fast canter is second to none. It’s pure ‘me time’ indulgence and I love it. I ride with my teenage daughter too and that’s another reason why it’s special for me.”

Antony Bearpark, Graphic Designer

“I love singing, so I’m picking our choir as my blissful thing. Being part of the choir is fun and enjoyable. It helps my confidence and anxiety by not forcing me to be centre of attention, and the people are all supportive and funny to be with. We also produce an amazing sound that gives me happy goosebumps! Being part of that group is bliss for me.”

Venetia Lipscombe, Product Manager

“My blissful thing is messing about outside! Maybe it’s just the fresh air or the change of scene, but I’m always super happy when I’m outdoors in good weather. Whether it’s for a walk, run, cycle or an attempt at climbing a nearby rock, the endorphins put a smile on my face. It also means I feel like I’ve really deserved that pub lunch/slice of cake/cold cider (or all three?!) when I get back.”

Adam Chinn, Process Evangelist

“My blissful thing has to be getting behind the wheel of my car on a summer’s day, and hitting the open road!”

Alice Hollis, Copywriter

“With two pre-school children, a house to run and work to do, my life is a full on juggling act. So bliss for me is that moment at the end of the day, where my boys are fast asleep, the housework is done and I can sit with my husband to watch some trashy TV with a hot cup of tea.”

What’s your blissful thing?

We need your help. We need to know anything and everything that gives you the ‘ahhh’ feeling. Leave a comment below or email the team. 


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