Use cases to help get it right, every time

Transform a team, or systemise your entire business to run like clockwork

Deliver brilliant customer onboarding

A brilliant onboarding experience is critical for consistent revenue growth.

For repeatable, high touch onboarding Process Bliss helps you deliver each project efficiently, on time and with no surprises. It notifies who needs to do what and when, and shows you all client progress in one dashboard view. 

  Evolve beyond spreadsheets and stop chasing for internal updates
  Enable teams to easily collaborate with clear accountability
  Increase onboarding capacity, reduce risk

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Support compliance with confidence

Integrating workflow and process reduces the cost of compliance.

Process Bliss provides a central home for policies, procedures and process to help meet ISO, GDPR or FCA compliance as examples. Critically, workflow then exactly matches these with a clear audit trail of who did what, and when. You can see what couldn’t be done, with a reason why, and continuously improve.

  Validate staff are correctly trained and effective
  Easily provide evidence to support audit
  Ensure high quality standards are consistent

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Systemise your finance processes to create efficiency

Create efficiency in your finance operations to increase capacity.

Finance process is critical to profitability, and is a combination of repeatable and high priority tasks that cross multiple departments for information. Process Bliss allows you to build finance operations that run like clockwork, with clear visibility of tasks and what needs doing next. 

  Evolve beyond spreadsheets and stop chasing teams for updates
  Provide consistency in finance operations and reporting
  Increase finance efficiency and eliminate task backlog

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Improve employee onboarding and reduce workplace stress

Motivated staff are clear on their roles and encouraged to make a difference.

Create employee onboarding process that motivates from day one, with a centralised process library to help everyone know exactly what to do. By providing clear accountability and workflow tracking, you eliminate chasing for updates and reduce workplace stress. 

  Onboard effectively to help employees be more effective, quicker
  Encourage continuous improvement and employee engagement
  Improve wellbeing and reduce workplace stress

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Manage marketing campaigns and delivery with ease

Build trust & confidence in your brand.

Marketing success is the sum of consistently delivering across multiple channels. Having clarity what needs to be done and when, with the ability to handle critical campaigns alongside daily marketing operation means your teams can run like clockwork.

  Manage repeatable processes across multiple channels
  Streamline campaign delivery with a clear view on progress
  Collaborate across departments to ensure deadlines are met

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Drive operational consistency in production

Enable your operations to run like clockwork.

High value content and product delivery can mean a complex underlying process where mistakes are unacceptable. Process Bliss helps you standardise and execute every permutation with a clear visual report to track progress. Every action is logged with an audit trail so you know exactly what happened, and when. 

  Improve efficiency with continuous improvement of delivery
  Reduce cost with increased capacity and data to support
  Manage special cases in the same system you deliver consistency

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Create & share easy to follow processes that detail everything staff need to know

Drive consistency across functions and customers to ensure nothing is missed

Execute as team checklists with dynamic due dates and clear step owners

Integrate with over 2,000 applications including your email & CRM

View in one dashboard all Task progress, what is overdue and what is on track

Consistency builds trust in your brand, and reduces the cost of inefficiency

Combine three core requirements to run like clockwork


One central home for all process

  • Simple yet powerful process builder
  • Branching logic & attachments
  • Onboarding & training
  • Pre-built Process Library


Deliver operational visibility

  • Easily run through a Task checklist
  • Report on progress & status
  • Improve with continuous feedback
  • Integrate & automate with Zapier


Support compliance with confidence

  • i.e. ISO, GDPR, HSE, MFID2, FSA, FCA
  • Verify training of specific processes
  • Evidenced audit trail of all activity
  • Validate process & workflow quality

“With Process Bliss, I think I can get to a place where I have a light touch in the overall running of the business, and I am released to do sales all day long.

Being free to concentrate on the bits I really like doing, and the things I’m best at, will ultimately give a better result for the company.”

Rory Waterer
Managing Director, Urban Planters