Use workflow management to improve efficiency

If you’ve been tasked to improve efficiency in your organisation, have you looked at workflow management yet?

Efficiency is definitely the order of the day for many businesses; it feels like everyone is searching for the magic button they can press to improve efficiency, which in turn boosts productivity and therefore your bottomline. In reality there isn’t a single button, but there are efficiency gains to be had in you processes. Let’s look at a simple example:

How to improve efficiency through your onboarding process alone

Think about the onboarding process in your business. The steps might look something like this:

  • Send offer letter
  • Offer accepted
  • Send contract
  • Contract signed and returned
  • HR to create new employee folder on system to save contract to, along with the candidate’s CV and interview notes
  • HR to send pre-joining letter setting expectations for first day
  • IT to order and provision new laptop
  • Marketing to make up new starter welcome pack
  • New employee starts

Sounds straightforward enough, right? All I do is work through my process, ticking off the steps as I go.


When the offer letter was created I had to write it from scratch because I couldn’t find a template (it was probably buried in a shared folder somewhere in the depths of our intranet). Then I had to get my manager to review and approve the contents of the letter.

It’s a similar story with the contract. This time I did find a template, in fact I found two, so I had to find out which was the latest version.

The pre-joining letter is fine. We’re really proud of this part of the process. Several members of the business have worked hard to ensure our new starters have a consistent onboarding experience so they instantly love working for us.

On the employee’s first day, the laptop is there on the desk, ready and waiting to go. Good work IT!

…and then there’s the welcome pack. We don’t have a defined list of what goes into this. So the last person received a notebook and pen because we forgot to ask what their favourite biscuit is; with today’s new employee we remembered the biscuits, notebook and pen and also threw in some other branded marketing giveaways we had lying round the office; and who knows what the next person gets.

As you can see, at many of these stages, there’s unnecessary effort required, which is leading to inefficiencies.

How workflow management can improve efficiency in your process

Using workflow management, the user is guided through your process, step-by-step so nothing is ever lost or forgotten.

However, your workflow management shouldn’t be so rigid that is doesn’t allow for the human element to creep in – afterall, people are smarter than process.

For example, perhaps IT didn’t need to order a new laptop, because someone recently left and they can re-use the machine. Rather than forcing them to complete a step, just give them the freedom to bypass it, but capture the reason why.

Taking this approach, now you have the information needed to improve efficiency in the business because you know what is/isn’t working and how to improve it.

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