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Use workflow management to improve efficiency

by | 13 Sep, 2018 | Process

If you’ve been tasked to improve efficiency in your organisation, have you looked at workflow management yet?

Efficiency is definitely the order of the day for many businesses; it feels like everyone is searching for the magic button they can press to improve efficiency, which in turn boosts productivity and therefore your bottomline. In reality there isn’t a single button, but there are efficiency gains to be had in your processes.

Using workflow management, the user is guided through your process, step-by-step so nothing is ever lost or forgotten.

However, your workflow management shouldn’t be so rigid that is doesn’t allow for the human element to creep in – afterall, people are smarter than process.

For example, perhaps IT didn’t need to order a new laptop, because someone recently left and they can re-use the machine. Rather than forcing them to complete a step, just give them the freedom to bypass it, but capture the reason why.

Taking this approach, now you have the information needed to improve efficiency in the business because you know what is/isn’t working and how to improve it.

Use Process Bliss to improve efficiency

Process Bliss is different because it isn’t packed full of unnecessary or complex features; it’s easy to just log on, type in a process, and publish.


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