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Using Process Bliss to raise standards in your business

by | 20 Jun, 2019 | Process

Every business contains process. The blueprint for how the organisation operates, your processes should ensure that things are done the same way, by everyone, every time.

When process is ingrained in your culture, it delivers actual monetary value. When things are done the same way, by everyone, every time, you create consistency in the way your business operates, how your products/services are delivered, and the service you provide to your customers…

Consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy” – McKinsey

By delivering a consistent experience you create a strong brand that people are willing to pay more for. In fact, research shows that over two-thirds (69%) of consumers would choose a trusted brand over a cheaper alternative.

Medication is a great example. Generic drugs, for example Ibuprofen, can be an exact copy of a brand name drug, such as Nurofen. The pills will have exactly the same dosage, the same strength, the same potential side effects – check the serial numbers and you may even see that it’s manufactured by the same drug company – but one will cost you about 50p for a pack, and the other £2.50. It seems crazy that you’d pay more for an identical product, but the difference is that you perceive the name-brand to be more effective, because of your past experiences with that brand.

Consistency creates a strong brand

A strong brand is born from a culmination of interactions with your customers. Yes, it’s the look and feel, but it’s also how the brand is perceived in the media, how its spokespeople interact with customers on social platforms, how your customer service team responds to your enquiry or complaint…etc. A strong brand is formed from every touch point with a customer.

Read more about how McDonalds creates a consistent customer experience…

And in one single moment, you can lose it all.

It’s why marketers are so keen to enforce the brand guidelines at every opportunity. If they ensure everything about the brand is consistent – from the use of the logo, to the visual identity, tone of voice, positioning, messaging…etc – they know they gain customers trust. And it’s this trust that creates a loyal brand advocate.

Trusted brands are valuable

Amazon is currently the world’s most valuable brand. Why? Because you know what to expect when you buy from them. You know you’ll be able to find anything you want – you can even purchase items with one-click ordering. And when you place that order (assuming you have Prime membership) it’ll turn up the next – or even the same – day. Ordering from Amazon, you know you’re protected by the ‘A-Z Guarantee’ so you can’t have a bad shopping experience. In short, consumers trust Amazon to deliver their goods. And that trust is valued at $315.5 billion.

Once you’ve secured the customer’s trust, you’re building brand equity – and that’s really appealing to investors.

But let’s rewind for a second and revisit this point…

In one single moment, you can lose it all.

You can dedicate time, effort and resource to creating your brand, and all that work can be wiped out in a split second.

It’s a painful reality that Oxfam knows only too well. The charity was once in the top five strongest brands. But following claims of serious sexual misconduct by its staff in Haiti, it fell down to 31st place, with £400m wiped off the brand valuation overnight. In the aftermath of the scandal, Oxfam was banned from operating inside Haiti’s borders. And having lost the donors’ trust, thousands of people withdrew their regular donations from the charity.

And what caused the scandal? The charity’s safeguarding process hadn’t been followed, leaving the organisation exposed to risk.

Process Bliss: ensure things are done the same way, by everyone, every time

Process Bliss ingrains process as part of business-as-usual activity. By making process genuinely useful to the user – including simple steps with any associated information, documents and links – they want to follow it. And by assigning steps to people, you can delegate responsibility for completing certain actions and hold them to account.

Don’t leave your organisation exposed

Process Bliss is the simplest way to raise the standards within your business, by ensuring things are done consistently.


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