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Why process is essential for any successful marketing function

by | 11 Jun, 2019 | Media, Process

Many people would probably regard the marketing function as a highly creative sector. There remains a perception that marketing involves plenty of long liquid lunches – essential to get the creativity flowing – and is staffed by Don Draper-esque figures, capable of capturing the sparks of genius that are the foundation of any good marketing campaign.

However, for those that work in marketing, the reality is somewhat different. Marketing can be a fun and stimulating environment, but these days it’s more data-driven then ever and relies as much on process as it does creative genius.

SMEs & the marketing function

This is particularly true for marketing teams in SMEs. Often these ‘teams’ might just be a few people, sometimes maybe only one individual, responsible for strategy, implementation, creative ideas and just about everything else.

SME marketers also have to contend with bosses unable to let go of day-to-day activity. Recent Process Bliss research showed that while HR functions in SMEs were the most interfered with, marketing departments also suffered in this way.

37% of marketing workers in SMEs said their boss micromanaged them, one in five said their boss was unclear when issuing tasks, while 28% said their boss has taken credit for their work. It’s a challenging environment and one in which there is a clear need to provide marketers with a helping hand.

Process = creativity

You might not immediately think of process as something that facilitates creativity, but it does. Process is perceived as boring but what the right process management tool can offer is the freeing up of time for marketers to spend on more creative and rewarding tasks. Not to mention peace of mind for bosses that everything is being done as it should be.

If there are documented processes that outline step-by-step how a marketer should approach campaign planning, social media content, website design, email marketing template design and much more, it means that marketers can concentrate on coming up with impactful creative ideas.

Of course, everyone works in different ways and when new people join the marketing team, the processes might not be quite as suitable as they once were. But this doesn’t matter. Processes should evolve and flex over time so that they continue to serve their purpose, with room for people to say why they need things to be done differently.

Create your own marketing process templates

Process Bliss is there to make the lives of marketers much easier. This is done directly, by ensuring the marketing department runs smoothly and everyone knows what they are doing and has the space to be more creative. It also means that bosses can follow what is being done without micromanaging – blessed relief for SME marketers that just want to get on with the task at hand.

But sometimes people just don’t know where to start with their marketing processes and feel like documenting them is just another item for the to-do list. Most marketing departments are carrying out the same broad tactics and a good number of the processes involved in those will be the same.

To help, we are building a library of marketing templates for you to work with in Process Bliss. The templates will make getting started much quicker and marketers can adjust the templates to suit their own personal approaches. And if you work with clients, you’ll be able to share these templates with them so that they can work collaboratively with you.


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