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Workplace Transformation for the next generation workforce

by | 26 Jun, 2019 | Process

To keep up in the ‘digital-first’ world, organisations are increasingly undergoing Workplace Transformation to enable the next generation workforce to operate effectively and productively.

Defined by the Pew Research Center as anyone born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials are either well-established in their careers, or just entering the world of work. Harvard Business Review estimates that by 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.

Understanding the impact of the Millennial worker

We’re not here to stereotype because, frankly, there’s a huge difference between people aged 23 and 38. But there are certain environmental factors in which the Millennial generation have been raised that will impact on how they approach work.

Coming of age during the Internet explosion, Millennials are more digitally-savvy and therefore used to turning to technology as their first port of call when trying to overcome challenges. 

They’re also used to being ‘always on’ in the digital world through their smartphones and devices. As such, they’re more likely to rebel against the traditional 9-5 office job. Instead preferring remote working, and focusing on results achieved over hours worked.

Millennials are also the most diverse adult generation to date. And being shaped by their experiences and exposure to a more racially, ethnically and diverse society is going to impact on the way they view the world, and their expectations of it.

There’s no denying that Millennials are changing the way we work

Organisations need to change in order to accommodate the next-generation workforce, otherwise they risk missing out on new talent entering the world of work.

Embracing trends, such as Shadow IT, mobility and flexible working arrangements is key to attracting Millennial workers. Furthermore, assembling groups of specialists on a project-by-project basis, means that organisations need to embrace flexible, more collaborative ways of working.

Starting a Workplace Transformation

Workplace Transformation is concerned with bringing workplace policy, technology and space design together. It’s one of the key drivers for Agile, where organisations are forced to breakdown their traditional, hierarchical structures in order to create smaller, empowered teams.

But creating those empowered teams requires you to have a framework in place that allows people the space to innovate, while retaining control over important elements, such as branding and operational consistency.

Process Bliss empowers users

Simple process management software, Process Bliss enables you to create templates that detail the way you work, lets users tick off tasks once completed, and allows managers to track progress with ease.

Enable specialist teams to come together, all contributing to the process:

Give users all the information they may need to complete a task:

Allow people to work in the best way they know how, skipping steps and suggesting new ways to get things done:


Track where the team is with specific activities, and where problems are occurring in the process:

See how Process Bliss can support your Workplace Transformation

If you’re planning how to adapt your current workplace to accommodate the next-generation workforce, why not let our team show you how Process Bliss can support your efforts.


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